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Hiring Retirees in the Social Impact Space

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The social sector is intrinsic to the growth and development of a country and has gained momentum over the past few years. Social impact organisations are always on the lookout for talent who can help them in their growth and maximise the effectiveness of the initiative. In this scenario, retirees are a treasure trove of untapped talent and experience that fit very well with the purpose and work that social impact organisations do. This article delves into the benefits of hiring retired professionals in the social impact space and the way their expertise can be leveraged by these organisations. 

Benefits of Hiring Retirees in Social Impact

1. Motivation to work

Retirees have dedicated the better part of two decades to professional endeavours. They have climbed the ladder, earned money and respect in society, and are ready to now channel their skills for things they are passionate about in their retirement. Their reason for wanting to work in the social impact space is not driven by career progression but by their drive to give back to society and be meaningfully engaged.

2. Experience and Knowledge

The decades of knowledge and experience that retirees bring to the table is incentive enough for organisations to hire them. They have honed their critical thinking and problem-solving skills over the years which helps recruiters resolve bottlenecks more efficiently.

3. Network

Retirees have an extensive personal and professional network that they have painstakingly built over the years. This network is of great help to organisations to help in mobilising resources, forming partnerships that will help them grow, and amplifying the reach of their work. Retirees can facilitate these collaborations for the effective growth of the initiative.

4. Flexibility to work

Retirees are available to work immediately as they don’t have to serve notice periods. They are happy to do part-time, project-based assignments. This would ensure that organisations do not have to invest a lot of money and time in the hiring process and can get the best talent within budgets. 

5. Intergenerational collaboration

A multigenerational workforce will ensure the influx of varied perspectives and innovative ideas. Retirees can act as mentors for their younger colleagues and help them hone their skills. In return, they also get to learn from the dynamic work environment and grow. 

These are just some of the benefits of hiring retirees in the social impact space. Organisations need to be innovative to leverage this talent pool of people and get the most out of their expertise and experience. 

Ways in which Retirees can be Leveraged by Recruiters:

1. Advisory Board Members

All social impact organisations need advisors who can guide them strategically and help them grow. Having advisors from different backgrounds and experiences will give way to different perspectives and ensure creative and critical thinking. Many organisations like Dhwani Foundation and Sharada Educational Trust have trusted WisdomCircle to place Advisory Board Members on their team who can take their vision and mission forward. 

2. Functional Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities in the social sector that are not directly beneficiary facing, but help with the smooth functioning of the organisation. These include, but are not limited to functions like finance, HR, admin, accounts, marketing, and operations. Retirees who possess any of these functional skills prove to be great additions to the team. WisdomCircle has helped organisations like the Indian School of Public Policy, the Association of People with Disabilities, and other organisations in getting the best candidates for overseeing and performing these functions.

3. Beneficiary Facing Opportunities

Opportunities where retirees can work directly with beneficiaries often include roles like career guidance, mentorship, teaching, and personality development. These roles are often pro-bono in nature and are some of the only low stress jobs after retirement in India. Many retirees have been placed with organisations like Teach for India and Claylab Education Foundation.

These opportunities are spread across sectors within the social impact space like healthcare, education, women empowerment, and environment, to name a few. Mentioned above are just a few examples of popular jobs after retirement that have been listed on the WisdomCircle platform. There are many more ways in which retired professionals can be leveraged in the social impact space. 


The social sector is always in need of people from dynamic backgrounds who can help them further their cause. Retirees are a great fit in this regard with their years of experience, skills network, and willingness to give back to society. WisdomCircle has seen a lot of organisations in this space hiring retirees for one or all of these reasons in various capacities. These success stories are proof of that.

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