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Season's greetings!

It’s the twelfth edition of the Wisdom Edit. How many of them have you read? Maybe you can do a 12-days of Christmas and re-read them all by the 25th. Do start with this one!

It’s been a year since we started crafting these newsletters for you, and it has had a makeover a few times. So, what better time for reflection than the end of the year? Tell us if the newsletter brought you information, stories, or even a smile.

We have also been working to bring you more engagement, but it’s all under wraps right now. You’ll just have to wait to find out.

This edition features stories of six WisGen who share their story of a major challenge they faced, updates on improvements to our jobs platform and more! Read on to find out.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Team WisdomCircle! May this festive season bring you joy, peace, and renewed hope for the coming year.

Artha School of Entrepreneurship logo

Artha School of Entrepreneurship is looking for a Community Manager to manage and grow their entrepreneurial community, both online and offline, while coordinating with teams to ensure brand consistency and effectiveness.

Artha School of Entrepreneurship logo

Artha School of Entrepreneurship is looking for a Business Development Head to expand their network and influence by identifying key organisations and decision-makers, form partnerships and secure funding across new and existing regions.

Selan Oil logo

Selan Oil is looking for a Senior Advisor - Tight Rock petrophysics & LRLC pays, an experienced petrophysicist with hands-on experience in the evaluation of tight rocks, low resistivity-low contract pays and shaly sands to match the production behaviour in the wells. 

Selan Oil logo

Selan Oil is looking for a Senior Advisor- Geophysics (Seismic processing and interpretation), an experienced Geophysicist with hands-on experience of 3D PSDM processing and interpretation with proficiency in seismic attributes and AVO.

Selan Oil logo

Selan Oil is looking for a Senior Advisor-Reservoir Engineering, an experienced Reservoir Engineer with hands-on experience in history match, dynamic modelling with CMG software and surface network modelling to support the field development and production forecast.

Greaves Cotton Limited Logo

Greaves Cotton Limited is looking for Head - AMB Exports to define vision and product strategies, coordinate business planning, achieve sales targets, and implement 4P marketing for exports.

Blue Star Limited Logo

Blue Star Limited (BSL) is looking for an Advisor, Electronics who will advise the Head, R&D and Functional Head, Electronics on the roadmap to take Electronics capabilities to the next level by establishing processes, building infrastructure, developing competencies in emerging technologies and enabling co-development with research institutes. 

Mann logo

Mann is looking for a Human Resource Manager to manage talent acquisition and the entire employee life cycle within the organisation, structure all policies and ensure statutory compliance.

More opportunities on app.wisdomcircle.com/login.

WisdomCircle routinely organises events for our valued members. These sessions are thoughtfully curated to align with the unique interests, needs, and aspirations of our community.

I'm an image

The session will offer guidance and support as you navigate the complexities of post-retirement finances, and have your questions answered by an expert, Zeal Shah, Money Coach at SALT.

Thursday, December 14 | 4 to 5 PM IST

As a member of WisdomCircle, you have access to the recordings of past sessions on topics like how to be an independent director, financial planning for seniors, and more on the Events page! 

About Sunita Sinha

"With over 27 years of diverse industry experience as an Internal Consultant, Researcher, Facilitator, and Coach, I worked at the intersection of talent, learning, and ecosystem design. I specialise in reshaping the growth narrative of mid-sized organisations by fortifying people processes, structures, and decision-making metrics — fostering humane and sustainable growth in their journey to become large organisations.

As a seasoned Organisational Development consultant and a Gestalt Leadership trainer, I enjoy crafting significant corporate transformations. Leveraging my affiliations with the International Association of Facilitators, International Coaching Federation, and membership in the Corporate Sustainability Council, WICCI - Maharashtra chapter, I am building my partnership in driving excellence in every such endeavour."

On what she wanted to do post-retirement

“In my late 50s, I'm hitting my stride. It's about embracing freedom and making thoughtful choices with the wisdom I've gained over the years. It's my golden era, and I feel truly empowered.”

What Sunita is currently doing

“Steering and naturing my fledgling consulting practice, Gestalt Alt Consulting — living the solo entrepreneur life, absorbing new knowledge, and thriving in this exciting chapter. My commitment remains to empower mid-sized organisations to scale sustainably and support young talent (especially women) in prominent leadership roles through my coaching practice.”

Her experience with WisdomCircle

"A valued community space for individuals in our age group. It's more than a platform for staying updated; it's where connections and opportunities flourish. I wholeheartedly wish WisdomCircle to keep thriving, supporting us as we adapt and thrive in this ever-changing world. Truly, WC really CARES!"

At WisdomCircle, we are always listening to what our members want. Based on your feedback we launched a new feature - Video Introductions, and have also updated your experience on the mobile phone.

Video Introductions

How much can a resume alone showcase your lifetime of experience?

Which is why, we've built a feature that allows you to record a video expressing yourself in a way only you can. This video can be seen by recruiters and help you pitch yourself to them. 

Upgraded Mobile Experience

The user interface and experience of our platform on mobile has been significantly enhanced to improve role visibility and navigation. You can see more roles and information on your screen, and a scroll button has been added for quick access to the top of the page.

I'm an AI image of people sitting in a living room and chatting

Delve into the experiences of individuals who faced significant professional challenges and emerged stronger. Explore their stories, strategies, and the lessons they learned along the way. 

I'm an AI image of a man reading the newspaper and holding a mug

Sitharaam Jayakumar shares his routine in retirement and how discovered the joy of living a slow and purposeful life. 

I'm a lady sitting on a park bench lost in thought

Dive into one of retirement's profound questions with Shoba Narayan. Journey into self discovery in the second half of life. 

I'm a college classroom

Professor Thomas Philips shares how he learnt to adapt and learnt to teach better by learning to learn when asked to take a class at Tandon School of Engineering (NYU). 

To share your articles, blogs, and other written content related to your post-retirement experience, write to us at content@wisdomcircle.com

WisdomCircle honours those challenging cultural expectations of elders slowing down and retreating into retirement by shining light on their journey through an inspiring series called “Wisdom Stories”. 

Renu Kapoor in her interview with Saonli Sen Choudhury says, "My life mantra is never say die. I have never considered the word “No” as a failure...My advice to the wisdom generation is to find their purpose and commit to it. This is a great phase when one can tend to unfulfilled aspirations because now we do it for ourselves. I dance not because I am the best but because I love dancing and I hope to dance till I drop dead."

Have an achievement you'd like to share with us? Write to us at engage@wisdomcircle.com

Mint Lounge article

In an article on Livemint Lounge, Neeraj Sagar, our founder and CEO, writes on retirement and how it is being redefined, why it is important to stay engaged even in retirement to prevent feeling adrift in a society that places a premium on productivity.

We are delighted to share that WisdomCircle has been featured in a recent The Economic Times article. The article underscores the increasing interest of organisations in tapping into the expertise of professionals aged 50+ with WisdomCircle emerging as a key avenue facilitating this connection.

Tell us what you think of the newsletter! 

Curated By: Vaibhavi Prashanth and Shitanshu Maurya from WisdomCircle


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